About us

That's Cooper, nicknamed Coopi or also Coopidoo. This and the obvious preference of the English to "double O's" made it obvious to choose this name as the company name. Thus, my soul dog has also secured a permanent place in the company 😉 - forever.

Here he is just explaining to me why he also needs variety, both in food, but of course also in play. I think we humans generally need to think more often from the animal's point of view.

Sitting next to him is Jörg Frank, founder of Coopidoo and Cooper's walker. I am comfortable with the distribution of pet products such as toys, care products, food and sensible accessories, as emotional aspects still play a significant role in the purchase decision there. This was the reason to start my own business in August 2019 and to focus on supporting some special brands in their introduction to the German (or German-speaking ) market. All these brands stand out because of special points and therefore usually stand out very clearly from the existing monotony of the German pet market. Be it



  • hand-baked dog cookies by Big Biscuit Company
  • Dog accessories with a lifetime guarantee from Doodlebone
  • multiple award-winning nutritional supplements from Broadreach Nature+
  • the novelties DoggyRade, KittyRade, YummyRade and DoggyRadepro from Tonisity.

For all the brands mentioned above, Coopidoo is the exclusive contact for the retail trade as the sales team in the European countries. Delivery and invoicing always takes place directly from the manufacturer/brand. This means that you buy directly from the manufacturer at the most favorable manufacturer conditions without any intermediary trade. This guarantees you short procurement times and good margins. Please ask us for our current assortments for the pet market.

Jörg Frank

Market maker for brands
Salesman with passion
Pet expert


After completing his commercial training at the Management Academy in Essen, Jörg Frank has been working in sales since 1991. In 2009, he then switched to the pet industry and has been at home there ever since. In particular, he is concerned with useful accessories, toys, care and food for pets with "that certain something".

He has specialized in the distribution of British brands that are exceptional in at least one respect. So exactly those, which are not yet available on every corner on the European market and which convince by special product characteristics.